Swe-Thai Massage

Swe-Thai Massage

 Skin Renewal is excited to announce the addition of Swe-Thai massage with Tara Reisinger or Inga-Lill Tuffner!

What is Swe-Thai Massage?

Swe-Thai is a massage therapy treatment that combines the perfect blend of standard western medical massage and eastern philosophy healing methods.

How is it different from other massages?

This form of massage provides advanced treatment of the soft tissues by combining passive stretching, acupressure and soft tissue manipulation along energy or “prana” lines in the body. This allows the practitioner to provide the best healing techniques of both worlds to their clients in an effort to relieve muscle tension and tightness.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this service is regularly $125 for 55 minutes. Right now we are running a $100 for 55 minute special for all Swe-Thai massages with Inga or Tara booked before 9/1/17.

Call today to book your appointment! 239-394-1083